Welcome to VocabSieve manual.


Go to Installation and Configuration if you are already familiar with immersion and Anki and just want to quickly set up VocabSieve. If you already have VocabSieve set up, you may want to look at Resources to find dictionaries and other files to use with VocabSieve.

Community support

You can join FreeLanguageTools chatrooms on multiple platforms. All chatrooms are bridged, so you will not miss any answers by choosing to use one over the other. Please be civil and do not post adult content.

Platform Address
Matrix (Recommended) #general:freelanguagetools.org
Telegram (partly proprietary) https://t.me/fltchat
Discord (proprietary with history of anti-user behavior) https://discord.gg/DNSsTtHRxz


This manual is rather rudimentary as this point. You can edit it on GitHub and submit a pull request. Alternatively you can also edit it locally and send the edited files to the chat for someone to pick it up. Unfortunately we do not have the resources needed to properly host and maintain a wiki that is impervious to spam. We apologize for the increased barrier to contributing, but this is what has to be done.